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Tiger Canyon in South Africa’s Free State Province

Daughter Tara and I recently paid a visit to the breathtaking Tiger Canyon (www.tigercanyon.com.)  Here free-roaming tigers (including the two only free-roaming white tigers in the world) dwell and hunt in 60 000ha of plains, forests, dams and scrub in the Great Karoo desert. The aim of visionary owner, Rodney Drew, is to bring these animals back from the brink of global extinction, just as the late great Dr Ian Player did with the white rhinocerous. Go there, see for yourself. It will be an experience you will never forget.

...an experience you will never forget.

And Tiger Canyon is also trying to do the same thing with our most endangered wild cat - the cheetah. There is a free-roaming population breeding, hunting and living the life they were born to live.

You'll stay in one of only three beautiful suites overlooking an awesome gorge, and go out for daily game drives with some of South Africa's most highly experienced and knowledgeable guides.

Prepare to have your breath taken away!



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