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Oh so beautiful!


I had heard that the Seychelles are beautiful, but until I visited in early December, I hadn't realised just how beautiful.

The gorgeous Anse Georgette beach at Constance Lemuria, Praslin Island

I was a guest of the Constance Hotels Group (which also has 5-star resorts on Mauritius and the Maldives ) at Constance Ephelia and Constance Lémuria .Constance Ephelia is situated on  two of Mahé's loveliest beaches that overlook the Port Launay Marine National Park, a place of breathtaking beauty. Expect coral reefs, palm trees, white sands, but unlike its sister Indian Ocean islands of Mauritius and the Maldives which are mainly flat, the Seychelles is home to thickly forested mountains, deep valleys, ancient trees, ravines and rocky outcrops. It's an almost Jurassic Park landscape.

Praslin island

 Lémuria is also the nesting place of both the green turtle and the highly endangered hawksbill turtle. As you walk along the beaches, you will find protected turtle nests.

As you would expect of prestigious 5-star resorts (Lémuria belongs to the élite Leading Hotels of the World group), the accommodation is amazing, ranging from beachside villas and family houses, to senior and junior suites.

The food is also world-class. Different restaurants serve different cuisines from Indian to Italian, Chinese to chips, seafood to salsa, Meditterranean to Mexican.

A beach picnic box

And no visit to either resort would be totally experienced without a pampering at th the USpa. The Shisheido Spa Village at Ephelia is the largest of its kind in the Indian Ocean.

The Seychelles isn't cheap (nowhere today is with the rand exchange rate so low) but if you've a fistful of dollars, want to celbrate a really especial event, or have just won the lottery, then what's stopping you hopping onto an Air Seychelles plane where the service is charming, friendly and efficient and flying north?

By the way, all the photos are by Tara Turkington, my daughter, who was with me on the trip. You can see more at https://www.flickr.com/photos/flowcomm/albums/72157661611729439

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