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Underated as a destination, Jordan is a land with some of the oldest cities on earth. And no brochure or traveller's tale will prepare you for your first sight of Petra.

Read my article in City Press and find out more.


The Treasury, Petra's most famous building, 1st century AD


And here are some random photos to whet your appetite even more...

The ancient Roman city of Jerash

Jerash is the best preserved Roman city in the Middle East

Roman centurions in the Hippodrome where chariot races took place

Jordan's 'Grand Canyon', the breathtaking Wadi Mujib gorge

Mount Nebo, burial place of Moses

The great desert of Wadi Rum where Lawrence of Arabia roamed

Meze - Jordanian style

Amman, capital of Jordan, one of the oldest cities on earth. Note the

2 000-year-old Roman amphitheatre where concerts are still held today.

So start planning...


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